Thoracic outlet syndrom

Dr. Emily provides physical therapy to treat thoracic outlet syndrome

Dr. Emily is highly experienced in treating patients with thoracic outlet syndrome. Leveraging proven techniques and personalized exercise routines, Dr. Emily can help restore mobility and reduce the discomfort associated with TOS. Dr. Emily will work with you to create a plan that’s tailored to the type, cause, and severity of your thoracic outlet syndrome.

What is thoracic outlet syndrome?Location of the thoracic outlet and the structures that can become compressed.

The thoracic outlet is a space between the lower neck and upper chest where a cluster of nerves and blood vessels is located. Thoracic outlet syndrome refers to a group of disorders that occur when the nerves and blood vessels in that region are compressed, irritated, or otherwise injured.

Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) affects patients of all ages and genders, though it’s somewhat more likely to affect women than men. Patients who participate in activities that require repetitive arm motions like swimming and volleyball are at greater risk of developing the condition. The symptoms of TOS include numbness and impaired circulation to the affected areas, although each patient will experience their symptoms differently.

Source: Cleveland Clinic