Helping you heal naturally from back pain, so you can have pain and movement freedom.

Emily Warren Physical Therapy

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Experience Lasting Back and Neck Pain Relief with Emily Warren DPT: Eliminate Chronic Back and Neck Pain typically in Just 30 Days, Without the Need for Surgery, Injections, or Endless Adjustments.

Emily Warren Physical Therapy

“Surgeons solve back pain problems with surgery. Pain doctors solve back pain problems with things like injections. I solve back pain problems through your movement and mindset.”

Emily Warren, DPT


Offering exceptional physical therapy and online coaching services for those who are ready to resolve their back pain with simple and effective practices, so they stay active and do what they love for life.

Emily Warren Physical Therapy

“Surgeons solve back pain problems with surgery. Pain doctors solve back pain problems with things like injections. I solve back pain problems through your movement and mindset.”

Emily Warren, DPT

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an evidence-based approach to identifying and treating a movement dysfunction. Your program will include a thorough physical therapy evaluation and diagnosis to find the cause(s) of your back pain, and not just focus on symptom management.


Health coaching is a service provided for you if you have big goals for your health and well-being, and want a program that will help you overcome back pain so you can get stronger, move better, and ultimately stay active for the long haul! This service is offered virtually through 1:1 sessions and online.

In-Person or Online

We offer both in-person and online services to provide access and flexibility for you. You will have access to your program via an app that helps you stick with your program and track your progress. It’s easy to “fall off the wagon” with any movement or exercise program. This format ensures your success!

Dr. Emily Warren, DPT

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah who specializes in helping you heal your back pain naturally, so you can stay in the gym and on the trails. I want you to understand your pain, feel less fragile and get stronger so you can have pain and movement freedom. If this sounds good to you, book a free call below!

Emily Warren Integrative Spine Care Specialist

Whether you have a new onset of back pain, or you’ve struggled for years…there are movement solutions for you.

Find Pain and Movement Freedom in 3 steps…


The first step to pain and movement freedom is to understand your pain better. Many people don’t understand what is causing their back pain. Your back pain involves more than what shows up on x-ray or MRI, which is why you keep struggling with it. Learn more about your pain and what it means so you know how to find pain relief yourself.


The second step to pain and movement freedom is to restore your movement in all directions, without having pain flare-ups. It is important to not avoid movement, as this can make pain worse. In this stage you will gain confidence in yourself by seeing strength and movement gains, and realize that your back actually needs and wants movement to heal.


The third step for pain and movement freedom is all about consistency. You know your plan, are already seeing strength, mobility, and confidence gains, so now you just need to keep going! In this stage we make sure that you are well on track to meet your goals, without big flare-ups that keep you sidelined.

Client Success Stories

“After suffering from chronic back pain for over two decades, I was skeptical that seeing yet another physical therapist would make a difference. My time working with Emily has exceeded my expectations and the progress was immediate. My pain has decreased, my confidence is much higher and overall quality of life improved.”
Susan W.

“Emily has been helping me with my lower back pain. I was in constant pain and now I am almost pain free. She is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone who suffers with back pain.”
Lara W.

“10 months after back surgery and 4 different PTs later, I was feeling hopeless that I’d ever make a full recovery. I reached out to Emily, and after my first appointment with her, I left feeling dramatically better—both emotionally and physically. Her belief that I could and should get back to things like mountain biking— through a structured and goal-oriented program—was exactly what I needed. It feels like she authentically cares about my success and is willing to see it through….this is how healthcare should be.”
Shaun T.

My Approach & Philosophy

Have you ever felt like you leave physical therapy or another provider with MORE problems than what you came in with? Have you lost hope that you can get back to your favorite movement or exercise routines?

In my unique approach at Emily Warren Physical Therapy, you are treated as a whole person. A holistic approach is the most effective and sustainable way to pain and movement freedom. Through working with me, you will gain more understanding about what things are causing your back or spine pain. PSA: most of the time, it is not only what showed up on your x-ray or MRI that counts.  There is much more that can contribute to pain…which is good! That means there are more strategies to get you back to freedom that you probably haven’t explored.

If your tissues can heal and you can learn new things, then your path to movement freedom is right around the corner. Whether you are new to the scene or have tried everything for your pain, you are welcome here!

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