Neck pain

Dr. Emily treats neck pain

Dr. Emily specializes in treating neck pain. With effective lifestyle modifications plus a tailored exercise and stretching plan, neck pain can be a thing of your past, once and for all.

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As more and more people spend their days hunched over computers or looking down at smartphones, neck pain is becoming an increasingly common complaint. Fortunately, this ubiquitous symptom can typically be corrected with simple lifestyle and postural changes, and it rarely indicates that something is seriously amiss.

In some cases, however, neck pain can be the first sign of a more serious problem. Pain that’s severe spreads down into the rest of the body or is accompanied by numbness or tingling tends to be a cause for alarm — it’s recommended that patients see a doctor if they experience this.

More commonly, though, neck pain occurs because the head is too heavy to be held at unnatural angles for extended periods. Prevention tends to be the best treatment option for chronic neck pain; patients with chronic neck pain may need physical therapy to create healthy habits that will eliminate it once and for all.

Source: MayoClinic