Mid back pain

Dr. Emily treats mid back pain

Dr. Emily specializes in treating patients with mid back pain. Dr. Emily is trained to develop personalized treatment plans that help patients return to the activities they love. Treatments are designed to reduce pain, restore mobility, and prevent re-injury.

What is mid back pain?middle back pain

Most back pain occurs in the lower back rather than the middle or upper back, as the mid back region tends to be relatively stable. However, it is possible for patients to develop chronic pain in the mid back or upper back regions. The same underlying conditions that cause mid back pain can also cause upper back pain.

Poor posture is one of the primary risk factors for mid back pain, as are herniated discs, muscle strains, vertebral fractures, myofascial pain, and osteoarthritis. In more serious cases, mid back pain may result from a heart attack, an aortic aneurysm, or lung cancer. Aging and obesity represent additional (though less common) risk factors.

Source: UniversityHealthNews