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Helping you heal from back pain naturally so you can stay active while avoiding surgery and injections.

Emily Warren Physical Therapist

Dr. Emily Warren

Physical Therapist and Integrative Spine Care Specialist

Are you wanting to stay active but you are fearful you are harming your back when you move or exercise the way you want?

Are you DONE with this pain draining your mental and emotional energy, and want your headspace and your life back?

Do you feel like you have tried everything, including physical therapy, and are about to give up hope on resolving your back pain?

Do you think that because you have not improved so far, surgery will fix your back pain problem?

It's time for you to feel empowered and hopeful again, with a clear understanding of your back pain and what you need to do to regain your active life while avoiding surgery!

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We offer

We offer exceptional physical therapy and online coaching services for those who are done with temporary fixes for their back pain, want to avoid surgery and procedures, and are ready to resolve their back pain with simple and effective practices, so they stay active and do what they love.

Physical Therapy Salt Lake City

Physical Therapy For Back Pain

Physical therapy is an evidence-based approach to identifying and treating a movement dysfunction. Your program will include a thorough physical therapy evaluation and diagnosis to find the cause(s) of the movement dysfunction and pain, and not just focus on symptom management. This service is offered within the state of Utah, mobile or virtual.

Online Coaching for Back Pain Relief

Online Coaching For Back Pain

Coaching is a service provided for those who have big goals for their health and well-being, and want a program that will help them overcome their back pain so they can get stronger, move better, and ultimately stay active for the long haul! This service is offered virtually through 1:1 sessions and online programs.

Pilates is an exercise regime designed to stimulate the deep spinal muscles, or core muscles to function more efficiently. The Pilates exercises were initially developed to assist people...


Dr. Emily Warren

Emily Warren Physical Therapy

Emily Warren is a Doctor of Physical Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah who is an integrative spine care specialist and owner of Emily Warren Physical Therapy. Emily is passionate about helping you get rid of your back pain so you can stay active and live the life you dreamed. Emily believes that no one should have to sacrifice what they love to do because of back pain problems. She helps her clients understand their bodies, relieve their pain themselves, and get stronger so they can stay active and do what they love.

Emily is a native Oklahoman, living in the beautiful state of Utah. She loves running, cycling, skiing, camping, and gardening. She understands the joy that comes from staying active and being able to do what you love to do! That's why she is set on helping you overcome your back pain to stay active.

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WHY Emily Warren Physical Therapy??

Effective & Proven Method

At Emily Warren Physical Therapy, we use an incredibly effective system Dr. Emily created called Back To Freedom method. Through using her signature method, Dr. Emily has helped many clients overcome their back pain and get back to being active, and even level up there goals to something more than just pain relief!

Holistic Approach

Back pain affects the whole person, so why settle for care that doesn't treat the whole person? At Emily Warren Physical Therapy, you will not only be given a handout of exercises to do. Dr. Emily not only addresses your back, but also any nervous system dysfunction and lifestyle factors that may not be helping you in your search for back pain freedom.

Mobile and Virtual Offerings

Dr. Emily understands that coming to physical therapy is a sacrifice! A sacrifice of time, money, and energy--but one with a great return on investment. Dr. Emily offers virtual and mobile services to provide more convenience and less stress for you, while providing excellent quality of care and get you the results your looking for!

Empowerment Model Of Care

At Emily Warren Physical Therapy, we believe that YOU are the secret to your success. We believe that everyone has the capacity for change and healing! The secret to your success is you believing in yourself, trusting your body will heal, and doing the work! If you do this, you will see the results you're looking for!

Lifestyle Medicine

Context is key. For you to overcome your back pain and sustain a program for your health and wellness, we need to look at HOW we can set you up for success. This includes addressing things like nutrition, work/life balance, social support systems, stress, anxiety, depression, and your personal movement/exercise choices. We want your program to be sustainable AND enjoyable, and support you for the long haul.

Community Support

We are humans, we need connection and support. Your environment and relationships can either help build your resilience or hinder it. When we are resilient, we reach our goals more quickly and we can sustain good habits! Dr. Emily provides a platform for you to connect with others like yourself.

WHAT clients are saying about working with Dr. Emily

HOW Dr. Emily helps you resolve your back pain

Dr. Emily's 3 Step "Back To Freedom" Signature Method

for back pain resolution


Emily Warren Physical Therapy

Reset your mindset and your pain.

In this stage, you will learn more about pain and your unique pain phenotype. The goal of this stage is to increase your understanding of pain and decrease your pain immediately. Oftentimes, clients find this stage to be the most enlightening, encouraging, and empowering stage of them all. You will gain incredible insight about your condition, what to expect for healing, simple methods to decrease your pain immediately, and sustainable lifestyle changes you can make that will help you feel better today and take care of yourself for the long haul so this doesn't happen again!


Emily Warren Physical Therapy

Restore your movement.

In this stage, you will continue with the progression of your personalized exercises that began in stage 1 RESET. The goal of this stage is to see complete resolution of your pain by the end of it, then progress on to learning methods for creating space within your spine (decompression), movement practices and other methods to address a sensitive nervous system (as appropriate), mobility and strengthening.


Emily Warren Physical Therapy

Reimagine your life.

In this stage, you will focus on more challenging and complex exercises that load your spine to prepare you for living the active life you want! This stage also includes education on how to handle flare-ups that could occur in the future, address any remaining fears you have about your back, and show you that no movement is off the table. Your spine is resilient and it is time to set new and bigger goals for yourself!!

If you are someone who has back pain and would like to heal naturally without surgery or injections, click the link below to apply to work with Dr. Emily, using her signature method so you can overcome back pain and stay active!

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